Thursday, May 21, 2009

Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing


* Paint Shop Pro or similar. I used PSPX but you should be able to make this tag in other versions.

* Tube of choice. I am using the art of Popeye Wong. You will find Popeye's site HERE and the tube I used HERE. Click on the image to download.

* Mask made by me download HERE.

* Font of choice - I used Verve HERE.

* DSB flux Linear Transmission filter which you can download from HERE.

* Greg's Pool Shadow Filter HERE.

* Stardust Brush by Melfina HERE.


1. Set up your supplies ready for use. Have your mask and tube open in PSP. Choose two colours for foreground and background that compliment the tube you will use. I used #B66A6A (pink) and #3E455C (blue). Open a new image 500 x 500 with a white background.

2. Set your materials palette so that you have the same colour for the foreground and background (I used the blue). Using your preset shapes tool on the settings below, draw out an ellipse. Hold your cursor at x60 y60, hold down the mouse button and let go when you get to x440 y440 (numbers show in the bottom right of your screen). Convert to raster.

3. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with your other colour (I used the pink). Layers menu - New Mask Layer - From Image. Find your mask on the drop down menu and click OK. Merge group and duplicate the layer.

4. On the bottom mask layer, Adjust menu - Blur - Radial Blur at the settings given below. Lower the layer opacity to 90%.

5. Apply drop shadow at the settings below to the top mask layer.

6. Duplicate the ellipse layer. On the bottom ellipse layer, Adjust menu - Blur - Gaussian Blur at the settings below. Hide this layer.

7. Activate the top ellipse layer and using your magic wand at the settings below, click on the ellipse. Selections - Modify - Contract by 60. Hit the delete key. Selections - Modify - Contract by 15 and floodfill with the blue. Select none.

8. Use your magic wand to select the transparent band in the ellipse. Selections - Modify - Expand by 4. Click on the blur layer and make it visible. Apply DSB Flux Linear Transmission at the settings given below. Select none.

9. Activate your pen tool. Set the line width to 6 and using the settings below, draw 4 straight, evenly spaced lines across the ellipse. Click on the Apply button at the end of each line or your lines will want to join together.

10. Convert your vector layer to a raster layer and merge with the ellipse layer. Apply drop shadow to this merged layer with Vertical and Horizontal 0, Opacity 45 and a Blur of 12.

11. Open your Stardust brush in PSP (I used Stardust 02). Select your brush tool. Click on the Create Brush Tip icon and type in the name of the brush and author, then press OK. The brush should now be in your drop down list of brushes.

12. Add a new raster layer above the blur layer and using the settings given below, apply the brush. Reduce the layer opacity to 90%. Add another raster layer above the ellipse, resize the brush to 200 and apply over the middle of the ellipse. Reduce layer opacity to 90%.

13. Close the foreground on the materials palette and have the pink colour as your background. Activate your text tool and using the following settings type your name. Stretch out the vector to fill the middle portion of the ellipse. Convert to raster. Hold the control key down and press C then V to cut and paste your text to the middle of your canvas. Selection - Float - Defloat and apply Pool Shadow at the settings given below. Select none. Apply drop shadow at the same settings as before but change the opacity to 60.

14. Add your tube to the canvas. Resize and sharpen if necessary. I resized to 75% and applied Unsharp Mask at the following settings. Position to your liking. Apply drop shadow to the tube at the same settings we used on the top mask layer (step 5).

15. Add your copyright information. Crop any excess white from the canvas and save as a jpeg. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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