Thursday, May 21, 2009



* Paint Shop Pro. I used version 10 but you should be able to make this tag in earlier versions.

* Animation Shop.

* Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Popeye Wong and you can check out his site HERE. The tube I used is here.

* Mask or brush of choice. I used a mask by Mz Kels.

* 2 Fonts of choice - I used Satisfaction and Lucida Sans Unicode.


1. Open your tube in PSP. Open your fonts (by double clicking in Windows Explorer) and minimise to use later.

2. Open a new image 500 x 500 with a white background. Select two dominant colours from your tube and put them on your materials palette. I used black for the foreground and red (#c62828) for the background. Activate your Preset Shapes tool and select the Ellipse shape. Using the settings below, draw out a circle about the same size as the sample below. Convert to raster then Edit menu - cut - Edit menu - paste as a new layer, to centre the circle on your canvas. You can delete the extra layer.

3. Duplicate your circle layer and apply Gaussian Blur to the bottom layer at the following settings twice.

4. Copy and paste your tube to the canvas. Resize and sharpen if necessary (I didn't). Position your tube to your liking. Use your magic wand at the settings below to select the inner part of your circle. Selections menu - Invert. Return to your tube layer and press delete. Select none.

5. Apply drop shadow to your tube and circle layers at the settings given below.

6. Add a new raster layer above your circle layer. Floodfill with the same colour that you used for the outer ring on your circle. Apply your mask and merge the group. If you are using a brush instead, don't floodfill the layer but use the outer ring colour as your colour. Use your magic wand to select the inner circle again and invert and delete to remove the excess. I lowered the opacity of this layer to 60%.

7. Add your copyright information and watermark but make sure you don't have it anywhere near where you want to put your name.

8. Close off the white background layer and merge visible. Hold the Control key down and press C then V to trim the excess from your canvas. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with white and drag the white layer to the bottom. Merge layers together. Edit - copy.

9. Open Animation Shop and Edit - Paste as a new animation. Effects menu - Insert Text Effect.

10. Use the same settings as given below to get the rotating text ie wheel. You will need to play with the text a bit to get it spaced evenly around your circle. Leave at least 2 spaces between words. Click on the font button to get the font properties. You may find it easier to edit your text on this screen as well. Once you have your text positioned to your liking, click OK.

11. Go back to the first frame of your animation and click on it, Press the delete key. Click on the new first frame, Edit - Select all - File - Save Frames As - save your file.

12. Open your file in PSP. Activate your text tool and using the settings below, type your name. Grab the handle on the vector box and tilt your name slightly. Convert to raster and apply the same drop shadow as before but change the colour to white.

13. Duplicate your name so that you have 8. Merge each name to a background layer and save your file.

14. Open your file in Animation Shop again. Edit - Select All - Animation - Frame Properties - change to 25. Save using the settings below and you are done. NOTE since changing to a widescreen digital monitor I have noticed that the Octree settings leave a noticeable background where the median cut doesn't. Experiment and choose what suits you best.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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