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* Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Abranda Icle Sisson. To use her art you need to have a license. You can purchase individual psp tubes of her artwork or an unlimited license (and many other goodies) from Muddvision Studios

* Accent tube to make the circle - I used a rose from the tube

* Font of choice - I used Wishing Type

* Xero Tekstya filter

* Mura Meister Copies filter

* A sparkle filter - I used Constellation but you could substitute VM Natural

* DSB Flux Bright Noise filter

* Gold pattern tile (right click and save)


Set up your supplies ready for use ie you want your gold pattern on the materials palette, install any fonts or plug-ins and restart PSP if necessary. Have your tube open in PSP.

Open a new image 400 x 400. Choose two complimentary colours from your tube, one light and one dark. Have your light colour as the foreground and the dark as the background. Change the material palette to gradient and find the Foreground-Background gradient. Make the gradient style sunburst.

Floodfill your canvas with your gradient. Duplicate the layer. Close off the duplicate layer and make sure the bottom layer is active. Apply Xero Tekstya filter at the following settings.

Activate the duplicate gradient layer. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with the gold pattern. Select all, selection - modify and contract by 8. Hit the delete key. Selection - modify - contract by 4 and floodfill the selected area with the gold pattern again. Merge the gold layer with the duplicate gradient layer. Selection - modify and contract by 2. Hit the delete key again and rename the layer frame. Apply dropshadow to your frame at the following settings -

Apply the drop shadow again but change the Vertical and Horizontal to -2.

Open both your tubes and copy and paste as new layers. Resize both tubes to compliment each other and the size of your canvas. If your tube is a little blurry sharpen it (Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen).

Close off the main tube and activate your accent tube. Make sure it is roughly in the middle of your canvas. Apply Mura's Meister Copies at the following settings.

Adjust the number to suit how full you want your circle to look. I used the settings given then duplicated the rose layer and mirrored it, then merged the layers.

Duplicate your circle layer twice so that you have three circles. Apply your sparkle filter to each layer, changing the random seed for each layer. Reduce the opacity for each layer to 75%.

VM Natural Settings -

Activate your tube layer and bring to the top. Position the tube where you want it on the circle and duplicate the tube. Place the duplicate tube under the circle layers. Apply drop shadow twice using both settings given before ie 2 and -2. Your layer palette should look like this -

Activate your top tube layer and carefully erase the parts of the tube you want to look hidden behind your circle. Use the soften tool to help blend any rough pixels. Apply drop shadow to the top tube using the -2 setting.

Merge your bottom tube layer, the frame layer and the gradient background layer. Duplicate twice.

Duplicate your top tube layer twice. Arrange your layer palette so that you have three sets of (from the top down) top - circle - gradient. Merge each set so that you have three layers again.

Activate your top layer. Set the foreground and background to the gold pattern. Select your text tool and with your font set on the following settings -

Type your name, promote selection to layer and deselected. Duplicate so that you have three layers apply the Bright Noise filter at the following settings remembering to click on Mix for each layer

Apply same drop shadow as before. Repeat for each name layer.

Merge the name layers to each background.

If you want an accent on your text like I have then add it now and duplicate and merge.

Add the appropriate copyright information and your watermark on another layer. Duplicate the layer twice and merge to each background layer.

Save image as an Animation Shop .psp file.

Open image in Animation shop. Save as a .gif and you are done.

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