Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Angel


* Paint Shop Pro or similar. I used PSPX but you should be able to make this tag in other versions.

* Tube of choice. I used the artwork of Zindy S D Nielsen and you can purchase her tubes and artwork from HERE.

* Font of choice. I used Honey Script.

* My Shades of Summer Scrapkit HERE.

* Mask by me HERE.


1. Set up your supplies ready to use.

2. New canvas 500 x 500 with a white background.

3. Copy and paste 3 papers from the scrapkit to the canvas. I used (working from bottom to top) #11, #6 and #1.

4. Apply your mask to paper 11 and merge group.

5. Resize paper #6 to 80%. You may like to sharpen to make the texture of the paper to stand out.

6. Resize paper #1 to 75%. Rotate paper 10 degrees Left. You may like to sharpen the paper.

7. Copy and paste flowerframe1 to your canvas. Resize to 90% and sharpen if required.

8. Copy and paste the heart accent of choice to the canvas and resize to 75%. Duplicate and rotate each heart 10 degrees, one to the left and the other to the right. Position the heart on the frame using my tag as a guide. Try and position the hearts so that the pearls cover each other where they intersect. Merge heart layers together.

9. Copy and paste a bow to the canvas. Resize and sharpen - I resized to 40%. Position the bow on the hearts.

10. Copy and paste your tube to the canvas. If you are using the same tube as I did, I did not resize but I did erase the bottom part of the dress. Position the tube to your liking. Duplicate the tube and place the copy above the frame and make sure your original tube is below the frame. On the top tube layer, erase the bottom part of the tube to reveal the flower frame. I tubed around her hand so that the flower and her hand were outside the frame. Erase the excess tube from the bottom layer.

11. Drag the heart layer so that it is above the frame but under the top tube.

12. Apply drop shadow at V and H = 0, Opacity = 70, Blur = 2, colour = #9a928b (if you are using the same tube as me) to the bow, hearts, frame, bottom tube, paper 1 and paper 6 layers.

13. Activate your text tool and select your Honey Script font. Foreground and background colours = #f5dda0, stroke 1, size 36. Type your message. Change Drop shadow settings to V = 1, H = -1, Blur 1 (everything else stays the same) and apply.

14. Change the foreground colour to #d6d1c4 and the size to 100. Type your name and position to your liking. Change Drop shadow settings to Blur 2 (everything else stays the same) and apply.

15. Add copyright information and your watermark. Save as a .jpg file and you are done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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