Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Popeye Wong Devil


* Tube of choice - I have used Popeye Wong's art work and you can check out his site at www.popeyewong.com. Popeye has all his toons tubed ready for you to download - just click on the thumbnail.

* Two fonts of choice - I used Angelina and Batang

* Super Blade Pro - Coconut Ice preset from Meadows Studio (can substitute PSP Inner Bevel)


Set up your supplies ready for use ie install any fonts or plug-ins and restart PSP if necessary. Have your tube open in PSP.

Open a new image 500 x 400 with a white background. Choose two complimentary colours from your tube, I used #d30000 (darker red) and #ff0000 (lighter red).

Copy and paste your tube to your canvas. Resize if necessary. I resized mine at 70%. Sharpen the image (Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen) and apply a drop shadow at the following settings. Move your tube to the left of your canvas.

Activate your text tool and select the font you want to use for the message. Using the following settings, type in block capitals JUST A LITTLE DEVIL (or whatever message you want).

Position the message at the bottom of the tube as shown in the example at the bottom of the page. Use the vector nodes to size the text. Convert to raster and apply a drop shadow with the following settings.

Activate your background layer and select your text tool again. Using your first font on the following settings type the first letter of your name. Stretch the letter out so it looks like the girl has her arms on either side of the letter (or whatever suits the tube you are using). Convert to raster. Select all, selection float, selection defloat and apply Super Blade Pro Coconut Ice preset (or inner bevel or whatever effect you prefer). Select none.

Type the rest of your name and size it to suit the dimensions of your tube. If you are doing a short name make the last letter finish near the edge of her boot. If you have a longer name it might be better to move your message as I have in my example at the top, and stretch the name to match that. When you are satisfied with the position of your text, convert to raster and apply the same filter/effect as before. Merge the two parts of your name to make one layer and apply the same drop shadow that you applied to your tube.

New raster layer. Add copyright and watermark. Crop image and save as a .jpg and you are done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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