Monday, May 4, 2009

Playing With Fire


* A good knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop (or similar).

* Tube of choice. I am using the art work of Dean Norton. You will need a license to use his art work. Tubes can be purchased from CILM.

* Eye Candy 4000 - fire filter (or similar).

* Smokey background mask of choice. I used Mask 023 by Becky from Secrets of the Imagination.

* Two fonts of choice - I am using Impact for the flaming text and Juliet for the other.

* Fire pattern made by me - right click and save.

Lets Start

1. Open a new canvas 400 x 400 and floodfill with white.

2. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with black. Apply the mask to your black layer, merge group and drop layer opacity to 85%. Merge with the white layer.

3. Paste your tube to the canvas and resize (I resized to 70%). Sharpen if necessary. Add drop shadow at the setting below. Position your tube to the right.

4. Select a complimentary colour from your tube (back ground only - close foreground) and add the text "Playing with fire" to the top left of your canvas using the settings below. I created my text as a vector so I could fill up the space as much as possible. Position to your liking. Apply drop shadow at the settings below.

5. Add copyright and watermark. Position all layers to your liking, making sure you have left enough room at the bottom left to add the flaming text. Merge all layers. Duplicate so that you have three layers in total. Close two of the layers.

6. Make sure the visible layer is active. Make the fire pattern the background on your materials palette. Keep the foreground closed. Select your text tool, change to your other font and type your name at the settings given.

7. Position and size your text to your liking. Convert text layer to raster and duplicate so that you have three name layers. Apply Eye Candy 4000 Fire at the following settings to each name. Change the random seed for each layer.

8. Add the same drop shadow as before to each text layer. Merge each name layer to a background layer. Save as an Animation Shop .psp image.

9. Open your image in Animation Shop and change the frame properties to 25. Save as a .gif and you are done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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