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* Paint Shop Pro or similar. I used PSPX but you should be able to make this tag in other versions.

* Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Jennifer Janesko. You will need a license to use her artwork and you can buy images or tubes from CILM.

* Scrapkit of choice. I am using the St Nicholas kit from Sentimental Style HERE. The sequin heart used in this tutorial is also by Melissa. Thank you Melissa for all the wonderful things you make and share.

* Flower tube of choice. I used roses by Kel from HERE.

* Penta Color Dot Filter HERE.

* Font of choice - I used Words of Love HERE.

* Text effect of choice. I used Super Blade Pro.

* MY SUPPLIES. Included are the scrap papers and elements, rose tube, and sequin heart.


1. Set up your supplies ready for use.

2. Open a new image 500 x 500 with a white background. Add two new raster layers. Create a custom selection using the settings below. Copy and paste each of the scrap papers into the selection, each paper on the new raster layers you created. Make sure your darker colour (red) is on the bottom. (I had trouble getting one of the papers to copy but selecting all then copying worked.)


3. Duplicate your red paper and apply Gaussian Blur to the bottom layer at the settings below. Apply Pentas Dot Filter to the blur layer.

4. Activate the top red layer. Image - Free Rotate - Left 10.00 degrees. Add drop shadow at the following settings to each paper layer (not the blur layer).

5. Add your tube to the canvas. Resize and sharpen if necessary (I resized to 80%).

6. Add the ribbon and bow to the canvas. Resize to 60% and sharpen. Apply drop shadow to your tube and scrap elements at the same settings as before. Position your ribbon, bow and tube using my sample tag as a guide.

7. Add the sequin heart to the canvas. Resize to 80% and sharpen. Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize - H 252, S 220 (or match the colours in your tube). Adjust - Brightness and Contrast - Brightness -20, Contrast 0. Position the heart over the chain link attached to the bow. Duplicate the heart layer and move one layer below the bow. Apply drop shadow to the bottom heart layer.

8. Activate the top heart layer and using your eraser tool, carefully erase a small portion of the heart so that it looks like it is threaded through the loop. If you plan on animating the heart later (see sample at bottom of page) take as little out of the top heart as possible.

9. Add your rose tube to the canvas. Resize to 70% and sharpen. Position to your liking. Add the same drop shadow as before.

10. Activate your text tool using the settings below and type your name. If you are using SBP then colour wont matter, otherwise select a colour to compliment your tube. Postion your name inside the heart, convert to raster and apply drop shadow changing the opacity to 45 and the blur to 4

11. Add copyright information and your watermark. You can save your tag as a jpeg at this point or you can animate it like the example below.

12. ANIMATION You will need Animation Shop and a sparkle filter of choice. Close off the layers with your name and the top sequin heart and merge visible. Duplicate your background layer, your name and the heart layer so that you have 3 of each. Apply your sparkle filter (I used Xenofex Constellation) to each of the heart layers, changing the random seed each time. I also adjusted the brightness and contrast on each of the heart layers using the same settings as before. You want to merge a name, a heart and a background together so that you end up with 3 layers. Save as an Animation Shop psp file. Open in Animation Shop and save as a gif (I used Optimised Octree Settings). I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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