Thursday, May 21, 2009

Violet Glitter


* Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop (or similar programs)

* Image of choice - I have used the artwork of Jamie Kidd. You need a license to use this artwork and you can purchase images and tubes from CILM

* Honey Script Light Font HERE.

* Sparkle filter of choice. I used Xenofex Constellation.

* My Sweet Violet Scrapkit HERE

* Dark glitter pattern made by me (right click and save)


Set up your supplies ready for use. Have your tube and scrap kit open in PSP.

Open a new image 500 x 500 with a white background. Set up your materials palette with #5f375b as your foreground colour and the dark glitter pattern as your background.

Add a new raster layer. Activate your selection tool and make a custom selection using the settings below. Floodfill with your foreground colour.

Apply Gaussian Blur at the following settings and lower the layer opacity to 75%.

In your materials palette, scale your glitter pattern to 60%. Change the glitter to the foreground and close off the background.

Activate your preset shapes tool and select the rounded rectangle. Draw out a rectangle (use my tag as a guide). To make sure your rectangle is dead centre, Edit - cut and Edit - paste as a new layer.

Apply Unsharp Mask and Inner Bevel to your rectangle at the settings shown below.

Copy and paste your image as a new layer under the rectangle layer. Position your image to best advantage, resizing if necessary. Activate the rectangle layer and click inside the rectangle with your magic wand tool. Selections - Modify - expand by 3. Selections - Invert. Activate your image layers and press delete. If you are using a tube rather than an image you could add an extra raster layer which you floodfill with a complimentary colour or gradient then paste your tube in. I colorized my tube using the settings below. This is optional and you should check the terms of the artist involved as not all allow colorizing of their images.

Add any accents to your tag at this point. I added a bow and one of the flower motiffs. I resized both to 70% and rotated the bow 15 degrees to the left. Add drop shadow at the settings given below, to your accents, the rectangle and the doodle layers.

Activate your text tool and using the settings below, type your message and your name on separate layers. I sized the message text at 60 pixels and the name at 72. For each text layer, apply unsharp mask and then drop shadow at the same settings we used before.

Add your copyright information and watermark. Merge your blur layer to the white background layer. Close off the background layer and the doodle layer and make sure one of the other layers is active. Merge visible. NOTE if you are going to use this as a tag back, close off the name layer too and keep it separate and at the top. Duplicate the doodle layer twice (so that you have 3) and apply your sparkle filter. The settings I used for Constellation are below. Remember to click random seed for each layer.

Duplicate your background layer twice and merge a doodle layer to each background layer. Repeat the process with your merged image layer. Save your work as an Animation Shop psp file.

Open your file in Animation Shop. Edit - Select All. Animation - Frame Properties - change to 15. Save your file using the following settings. NOTE since changing to a widescreen digital monitor I have noticed that the Octree settings leave a noticeable background where the median cut doesn't. Experiment and choose what suits you best.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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