Monday, May 4, 2009



* Paint Shop Pro. I used version 10 but you should be able to make this tag in earlier versions.

* Animation Shop.

* Tube of choice - ideally one that will look good sitting on text. I am using the artwork of Myka Jelina and you can check out her site at You will need a CILM licence to use her work.

* Font of choice - I used Rialto. HERE

* DSB Flux Psychedelic filter. HERE.

* Muras Filter Meister - Copies. HERE

* Gradient of choice. Click on gradient to download the one I used. (The file size says 0 because it is smaller than 1KB).


Set up your supplies ready for use ie you want your tube open in PSP and your gradient loaded into your materials palette. Install any fonts or plug-ins and restart PSP if necessary.

Open a new image 500 x 400 with a white background. Promote backgound layer (right click menu).

Activate your text tool. Select your gradient as the foreground and background on the Materials Palette. Change the angle to 45 for both the foreground and background.

Using the settings shown below, type your name.

Promote selection to layer. Keep selected and position your text so you will have plenty of room for your tube when you add it. Duplicate your name so that you have 3 layers. Activate the bottom name layer and apply DSB Flux Psychedelic filter at the following settings.

Repeat for the second and third name layers but change change the frequency to 75 and 100 for each respective layer. Select none.

Apply drop shadow at the following settings to each name layer. Repeat the drop shadow on each name layer but change the vertical and horizontal to -1.

Activate your bottom name layer again and apply Mura Meister Copies at the following settings. Apply the same settings to each name layer.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Resize and sharpen if necessary. Position your tube on the text and duplicate so that you have 3 tube layers. Duplicate your white layer so that you have 3 of that layer as well. Arrange your layers so that you have three sets of - tube layer - name layer - white layer. Merge each set together so that you have only 3 layers left (each layer containing the tube, name and background).

Add the appropriate copyright and your watermark and apply to each layer.

Crop your image and save as an Animation Shop .psp file.

Open your image in Animation Shop. Edit - select all. Animation - Frame Properties - change to 25. View your animation and if you are satisfied with it, save as a .gif and you are done.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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