Monday, May 4, 2009



* A good knowledge of Paint Shop Pro (or similar).

* Tube of choice. I am using the art work of Jennifer Janesko. You will need a license to use her art work. Tubes can be purchased from CILM.

* Scrap kit of choice. You want to select a kit that compliments the main colours in the tube you are using. I am using the Just A Whisper scrap kit from Nana's Attic. You can download the papers and elements used in this tag HERE.

* There are no outside filters used in this tutorial.

* Font of choice - I am using Orpheus.

* Silver beads pattern - right click and save.

Lets Start

1. Open a new canvas 500 x 500 and floodfill with white. Open your tube, pattern and scrap supplies in PSP.

2. Add a new raster layer for each paper that you want to use in your tag plus one for the blur layer and one for the silver bead frame. Activate your selection tool and create a custom selection using the following settings -

3. On the layer just above the white background, floodfill with a dark complimentary colour. I used #000040. Resize the papers to 30%. Copy and paste the paper into the selection, each paper on a different layer. Floodfill with last blank raster with the silver bead pattern, contract by 3 and press delete. Deselect.

4. Arrange your papers in the order you want them to show. Use the image rotate function (Image - Free Rotate) to tilt the papers on an angle. Alternate to the left or the right. If you have a lot of papers make the angle smaller eg 5. An angle of 15 plus a drop shadow will fill the 500 wide canvas. Leave the top paper layer as it is.

5. Copy and paste your tube to the canvas and resize (I resized to 80%). Sharpen if necessary. Position the tube to your liking under the silver frame layer. Carefully erase any parts that are not on the paper. Add drop shadow to the frame, tube and paper layers at the settings shown below.

6. Activate the blur layer (layer above the white). Apply Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds at the settings shown below. Repeat and untick the Horizontal box. Reduce layer opacity to 80%.

7. Resize the ribbon and overlay from the scrapkit and position. Sharpen the ribbon and duplicate. Move one ribbon layer above the frame and one below the tube. On the top ribbon layer, carefully erase the edge of the ribbon that is on the frame. The bottom layer is there so that you don't have to be too careful, also if you want to add a shadow use the bottom layer. (I didn't add shadow to this layer.)

8. Select two complimentary colours from your canvas and add your text (I used dark #9397a7 and light #eeeff5). I made mine vertical, stroke 2 and created as a vector so it could be sized to the space available. I selected the light colour in the letters with my magic wand and applied Inner Bevel at these settings -

9. Add the same drop shadow as before to your text. Add copyright information and your watermark. Save as a jpeg file and you are done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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