Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oriental Beauty


* Paint Shop Pro. I used version 10 but you should be able to make this tag in all versions.

* Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Mark Wasyl and you can purchase his art from CILM.

* Oriental Beauty Scrap Kit by me. This kit is available in all my stores as a full size kit or a taggers kit, you will find the links on My Blog. I used the taggers kit for this tut.

* Font of choice - I used Shangri-La HERE (SHANLNC.TTF)

* Vine brush freebie by me, also available from my stores or on my blog.

* Smudge mask by me HERE.

NOTE It is possible to make this tag using the free Oriental Beauty Add on which is available in all the stores, example below. If you need a free glitter tile for the brush, the free Glitterbug 04 download from all the stores has a set of 20 glitter tiles which includes suitable colours for this tag.


1. Open a new image 500 x 500 with a white background.

2. Open your scrap kit and decide which two colours you are going to use. I went with the beige and the red. Copy the darker paper (in my case red) to your canvas and apply the smudge mask. Merge the mask group. I used the paper that matches the fans.

3. Copy and paste the two fans that you wish to you to the canvas. Image - Free Rotate - Left 35 degrees for each fan. Sharpen using the settings below. Place the darker colour at the back and using my tag as a guide, position your fans. Copy and paste your tube between the two fan layers.

4. Copy and paste the flowers to the canvas. Duplicate and resize some of them to 80% to get variety, resize some of the ones already resized and sharpen. If using the Pay kit, mirror and flip the flowers to get variety as well. Place your flowers around your tag (will refine later). The main function of the flowers in my tag is to hide the edge of the geisha tube. Adjust your flower layers so that some are above and some are below the front fan. Sharpen any resized flowers that may require it. Apply drop shadow to the flower and fan layers at the following settings -

5. Activate your mask layer and add a new raster layer. Have your glitter tile open in PSP. Click on the materials palette and select patterns. Find your tile in the drop down list. Scale the glitter to 50%.

6. Open the png for the brush you wish to use (I used vine 15) and export it as a custom brush (File - Export - Custom Brush. This is for PSPX, not sure what other versions require). Change the brush size to 300. Paint the vine pattern on your new raster layer. Change the rotation of the brush to have different parts of the vine peeking out from under the fans and tube. Erase any parts you don't want showing as you go otherwise it will overlap your next brush stroke. When satisfied with your brush work, sharpen and add shadow using the same settings as before.

7. Arrange your flowers where possible so that they look like part of the vine. Copy and paste the dragonfly or other accent to the canvas and position to your liking.

8. Add copyright information and your watermark.

9. Activate your preset shapes tool and draw an ellipse using the dark fan as a guide. We are going to use this to create the curved text but you wont get it perfect because the fan is not a perfect circle - we just want the basic curve for the text. Have the colour for your text as the background on your materials palette. Select your text tool and using the settings below type your name. Your text icon will be on an angle if you have done the vector correctly. It may take a couple of attempts to get the text on the right curve. When satisfied, promote the selection to layer and select none. You can adjust the text slightly when done by using your raster deform tool to tilt your name. Sharpen and apply shadow as before.

10. Save as a .jpg file and you are done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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