Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pink Star


* A good knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop (or similar).

* Tube of choice. I am using the art work of Mark Wasyl. You will need a license to use his art work. Tubes can be purchased from CILM.

* Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow.

* Star Mask (made by me) HERE.

* Font of choice - I am using Heather.

* Muras Filter Meister - Clouds.

* Animated background by me HERE. NOTE: The pink background is supplied with the layers closed as it makes it easier to do the tut. A greyscale background is included as well so you can colour to match different tubes but the layers are not closed. The animation was made using a preset shape from HERE.


1. Open the animated background and duplicate. Close the original.

2. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with white. Move this to the bottom. Add another raster layer and floodfill with black. Apply the mask to your black layer, merge group.

3. Activate your white background layer and add a new raster layer. Floodfill with a strong colour from your tube. I used #da0280. Apply Muras Clouds at the following settings. Resize this layer to 85%. Select all - float - defloat - modify - feather by 45 - selection invert - press delete 3 or 4 times to soften the edge of the square.

4. Merge the white background, clouds and mask layers together. Use your magic wand tool to select the black stars that you want the animation to show on. Make sure your wand is set on add. Selection - Modify - contract by 2. Selection - Invert. Activate each star layer and press delete. Select none.

5. Duplicate so that you have 6 of the background layers and merge a star layer to each background layer. Activate your top layer.

6. Copy and paste your tube to the canvas. Resize, sharpen if necessary and position where you want it. Add copyright information and your watermark in place that wont interfere with your text.

7. Set your materials palette to null foreground and black background. Activate your text tool and type your message. Mix up the font size to get an interesting effect. I typed my message at size 36 and the name at 55. Apply Eye Candy Gradient Glow - Electric Pink setting (settings shown below). If you are using a different tube then you may need to adjust the colours of the glow (click on the pencils to select and change). I changed the first two pink pencils to the dark pink colour I used earlier. Repeat process with your name.

8. Merge your tube and text layers together. Duplicate this layer and merge to each of the background layers. Save as an Animation Shop .psp file.

9. Open your image in Animation Shop. Change your frame properties to 25 and save as a .gif and you are done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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