Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blue Moon


* Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop or similar. I used PSPX but you should be able to make this tag in earlier versions.

* Tube of choice. I am using the artwork of Amy Brown. You need to purchase a license to use her art. You can buy her images and tubes from CILM

* Star animation of choice.

* Round Mask of choice.

* Font of choice - I used Scriptina for the outer text and Martina for the name and message.

* DSB Flux Bright Noise Filter.

* MuRa's Filter Meister Clouds Filter.

* You can download my supplies HERE. Included is the mask and the star animation, both made by me.


1. Open your tube and mask in PSP. Open your fonts (by double clicking in Windows Explorer) and minimise to use later.

2. Open a new image 500 x 500 with a white background.

3. Add a new raster layer and floodfill with a dark colour from your tube. I used #5b7194. Apply the MuRas Cloud filter at the following settings -

4. Apply your mask to this layer. Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image

5. Use your ellipse preset shape to draw out a circle as large as the edge of your mask. Using the dark colour originally used for the layer, type your text floating on the vector. I used the quote "A dream is a wish your heart makes while you are fast asleep". You can find lots of good quotes HERE. You will need to adjust the size of your text according the quote you are using and the font chosen (start with text size 20). You want your text to go all the way around the edge without overlapping. Add in * if the quote fits more than once or extra space between words to help make it fit. When satisfied with the text, promote selection to layer. Do not delete your vector as we will need it again later. You can X it out in the meantime. Merge your text and mask layers. Add drop shadow at the following settings (colour is #000040) -

6. Copy and paste your tube to the canvas. Resize and sharpen if necessary. Position to your liking. Add your copyright information and watermark on another layer.

7. Activate your vector layer and make it visible. Select your text tool and change fonts. Still using your dark colour, type your message (I used Sweet Dreams) floating on the vector. Promote selection to layer and select none.

8. Image - Flip your vector layer and type your name. I made my font bigger for the name (I used size 48 for the message and 60 for the name). Promote selection to layer and select none.

9. Position all the elements of your tag to your liking. Once satisfied, close off the text layers, activate a non text layer and merge visible.

10. Duplicate your text layers 3 times (so you have 4 layers). NOTE: If you are making the tag for yourself merge the two text layers then duplicate. If you are making a tag back so you can make multiple copies of this tag then complete the name instructions separately and last. The number of layers will depend on the star animation you use. Apply the Bright Noise filter to each text layer at the following settings (remember to click on Mix for each layer) -

11. Add drop shadow at the following settings to each text layer -

12. Duplicate your background layer three times (so you have 4 layers) and merge a text layer to each background.

13. Save your image as a .psp Animation Shop file.

14. Open your file and the star animation in Animation Shop.

15. For each image, Edit - Select All. Click on the Propogate Paste button in the top menu bar

16. Click on the image in frame 1 of the star animation and drag it into position on your canvas. Do not let go of the mouse button until it is in place. Click back on the star animation and click the undo button and drag the image into position a second time. Repeat until you have enough sparkles on your canvas. TIP - odd numbers work better.

NOTE - If you are making a tag back, Edit - Select All then File - Save Frames As and save frames as layers for a pspimage. This way you just have to add a name to your tag instead of adding the sparkles each time. You open your canvas in PSP, add your name and then back to Animation Shop to finish.

17. Save as a .gif and you are done. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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