Monday, May 4, 2009


Please feel free to try out MY tutorials. Your results from the tutorials are yours to do with what you will as long as you respect the terms of the artist involved. The terms of use of 99.9% of artists (or their Pay To Use agents including MPT/StickerChick/Kool Tubez etc) state that images are for private, online, non commercial use. Most of the tutorials include parts of scrap kits and other resources all of which are also subject to the terms of use of the individual makers, 99.9% of whom state that the resources are for private, online, non commercial use. THIS MEANS that tags made with these images or resources cannot be bartered, bought or sold, commissioned, considered as a work for hire, etc.

If you wish to share the tutorial in a group please just provide a text link to the page.

DO NOT make templates from my tutorials.

I do not allow my tutorial images to be hot linked to. Please save the image yourself and host it yourself.

I do not allow my tutorials to be translated at this time.

These tutorials are the result of my efforts in PSP over several years and any similarity to other tutorials is purely coincidental.

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